Your Steampunk City of Choice

Version 1.12.2

Actually we are running Minecraft 1.12.2 because most of our mods are not released for newer versions.
As soon as there is support, we will upgrade to Minecraft 1.14.4+

A new beginning

After a long journey we finally found a place where we can start a new life. It's a fine piece of land with a bunch of resources nearby. This can be the beginning of a big big story.

Our goal

We want to create a Steampunk world completly in survival and hard mode. No cheats, no commands and only selected mods. This is definitly a big project and will take hours of work, but hey, we do it because we love Minecraft.

To achieve this masterpiece we use conquest reforged. With this cool mod comes over a thousand new blocks which add enormous new details into our favourite block game.

For the creative ones...

You can get as creative as you want. Just stay in theme and plan your next build. We surely help you out and give tips wherever we can.

Apply now

If you want to become a part of this project then send us some information about yourself.

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